Robertet Health & Beauty

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Natural well-being

Robertet is a family-run company founded in 1850 in Grasse and handed down through 5 generations. The Robertet Group was developed around a taste for excellence and a passion for natural products.

Backed by its expertise in natural products, Robertet created Robertet Health & Beauty in 2014 in order to explore the health and beauty benefits of natural ingredients.

Robertet Health & Beauty harnesses the expertise of the Group in the areas of sustainable sourcing, phytochemistry and extraction from plants in order to offer natural, groundbreaking, safe and effective products which respond to consumers’ health, well-being and beauty expectations.

Our products

Robertet Health & Beauty offers a full range of natural active ingredients developed for the cosmetics market, and food and nutritional supplements.

In the food supplement and functional food market, our symbolic ingredients are
Lipowheat™, Keranat™ and SOD B®®.

Lipowheat™: A pioneer of ingredients rich in phytoceramides, Lipowheat™ is a unique natural active ingredient used in food supplements for beauty and skin. 6 clinical studies have demonstrated its hydrating and anti-ageing properties.

Keranat™: Patented natural active ingredient, source of vectorized miliacin, Keranat™ has been developed for food supplements for the hair. Keranat™ is an innovative and natural solution to effectively fight against hair-loss and to restore its beauty and brightness.

SOD B®: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD B®) is one of the most potent antioxidants among the solutions that currently exist. It is extracted from a unique variety of melon and benefits from our recent developments in encapsulation to better protect and release it.

Bionov, now part of the Robertet Group, is the sole producer of this product worldwide. Numerous clinical studies carried out by our scientists have proven the effectiveness of SOD B® used in 4 products:

  • Extramel®: improved general well-being, reduced stress, improved quality of sleep /li>
  • Dimpless®: reduction of cellulite
  • Holimel® : skin protection against UV damage
  • Melorun®: Sport nutrtition, For a better training and better recovery.

CBD: As a leading company in the natural ingredients market, with cutting edge facilities and a vertical integrated strategy on hemp derived cannabinoids, Robertet stands as a key player.

Curcurouge: A curcumin offering the best balance between high bioavailability and clean label.

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Our corporate principles

Sourcing, traceability

As a global reference for natural raw materials, the Robertet Group has long acknowledged the protection of the environment as the necessary condition to ensure the sustainability of its activities. The protection of natural resources, improvement of agronomic conditions and development of local economies are the main priorities for the Robertet Group.

At the forefront in overcoming 21st century challenges, our environmental policy focuses on the methods used to produce our raw materials, their impact on the environment and the use of natural resources. Our basic principles are:

To preserve resources: water, energy, raw materials,
To reduce our waste: industrial waste, packaging, consumables.
To promote and develop local businesses.

Listening to our Clients

Our dedicated customer support team listens, responds to and communicates with our customers, in order to develop together natural, safe and effective cosmetics and food supplements as per customer demand.


Our multidisciplinary and expert R&D team, evolves to anticipate needs and respond to customer and consumer expectations for safe and effective natural products. Objective testing, from in-vitro cell tests to clinical studies on humans, is pivotal in order to guarantee a high level of innovation and efficiency. Our team works in close collaboration with the best technical and scientific partners to establish scientifically sound and state-of-the-art cases in human biology knowledge.


Our production sites meet the highest quality standards on the beauty and health markets.


Competitiveness is very important so that the largest number of consumers’ possible has access to natural, safe and effective products. We are aware of this, and therefore, throughout our product development approach we implement a pragmatic and comprehensive economic approach which benefits our customers and consumers.